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Home Crime Tell the City of Fullerton not to put Jay Cicinelli back in a police uniform

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Tell the City of Fullerton not to put Jay Cicinelli back in a police uniform

Jay Cicinelli

A day after being found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and excessive force in the death of Kelly Thomas, Jay Cicinelli told the Orange County Register he wants to return to his former job and will take the legal steps necessary to try to make that happen. Cicinelli, 41, was fired in July 2012, about a year after his involvement in the July 5, 2011, confrontation between Thomas and police officers at the Fullerton Transportation Center that resulted in Thomas’ death.

There is NO WAY the community can stand for this!  Cicinelli may have been excused by a lame jury but we saw what he did to Kelly Thomas – it was captured on video.  Nobody wants this guy back in a police uniform – in Fullerton or anywhere else.

Now is the time to send a message to the Fullerton City Council – please email them at 

  • Mayor Doug Chaffee can be reached at and at
  • Mayor Pro Tem Greg Sebourn can be reached at
  • Council Member Jennifer Fitzgerald can be reached at and at
  • Council Member Jan M. Flory can be reached at and at
  • Council Member Bruce Whitaker can be reached at
  • Chief Dan Hughes can be reached at
  • City Manager Joe Feltz may be reached at

The people of Fullerton need to take a stand!  We can’t reverse what that jury did but we need to stop the City of Fullerton’s Police Department from rehiring Cicinelli!

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6 Responses

  1. Carol Leonard

    Our call to action was started the moment we found the article in the OC Register!! PUBLIC OUTCRY!!! Make your voices heard- NO REHIRE OF KILLER COPS!!

  2. Do not for one moment entertain the idea of putting Jay Cicinelli back on the streets of Fullerton or any other city on this earth. While some people may find his acquittal a not guilty verdict, it is not. The people know otherwise. He is not not guilty. He is guilty of murder and Fullerton will not rest until he is found guilty by his peers.

  3. Anonymous

    Bring him back so he can be more easily hunted on the streets. After all, he helped in dealing the final blows not just to Kelly Thomas but to what little justice system was left in this country and which was already hanging by a thread. Plus, anyone stopped and ordered around by Cicinelli could justifiably perceive that their very life was in danger so would be completely within their right of self defence in pre-emptively taking him down. Go on, bring him back.

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